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Air Conditioner: Cleaning

Air conditioners get dirty, and this affects the efficiency of the unit. Regular cleaning is recommended.

  • We tighten the wire connections.
  • We clean the condenser and evaporator coils.
  • We check the split temperature.*

The cost for cleaning and checking your air conditioner is $145. Call us at 303-963-9899 or email us at Service@SageQualitySolutions.com for a cleaning appointment


*The split air temperature is when we measure the supply temperature and compare it to the cold air return temperature. The acceptable temperature difference is 18 to 22 degrees. If lower than that, typically when we clean the coils above the furnace it will resolve the issue. Please note that a home typically cools at 1 degree per hour and heats at 8 to 10 degrees per hour.

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