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What is a certification?

We certify that your furnace is safe and in good working order. “Safe” because if there are cracks or holes in your heat exchanger you have a safety issue that need to be fixed right away. “Good working order” because, if it is not, the use of your furnace will become more expensive.


How is a damaged heat exchanger unsafe?

If the heat exchanger is damaged – either with cracks or holes – it can leak carbon monoxide into the air in your home. Since this gas doesn’t have an odor and isn’t detected until people start to feel sick, carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer. Symptoms include frequent headaches, flu-like symptoms, eye and nose irritation, disorientation, sleepiness and nausea. Since these are symptoms common to other diseases, one may not detect the problem right away.

How does cleaning a furnace decrease cost?

Because a dirty furnace must work harder to operate, it will cost more to operate. Early detection of problem with the components can save your having to replace parts and regular service ensures your expensive furnace’ a longer life of service. Furthermore, a clean furnace offers better temperature management and more constant heat.


Home Buyers:

The average cost to replace a heat exchanger in Denver ranges from $2,000 to $3,500. That’s because heat exchangers are one of the most expensive and labor-intensive components of a furnace to replace. It’s wise to have the furnace inspected before you buy.

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