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Furnace Certification & Cleaning

What is meant by certification?

We certify that your furnace is safe and in good working order. It is vitally important that there are no cracks or holes in your heat exchanger. This is a safety issue. If there are, they need to be fixed right away.


What is a heat exchanger?

The heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of your furnace – it is what heats the air. Using fuel for combustion, it creates heat, which a fan blows into your ductwork, which distributes the heat around your home or office building. Heat exchangers are subjected to extreme temperatures, causing the metal to expand and contract. Over time, this makes it prone to cracking.


What exactly happens if the heat exchanger is damaged?

If the heat exchanger is damaged – either with cracks or holes – it can leak carbon monoxide into the air in your home. Since it doesn’t have an odor and isn’t detected until people start to feel sick, carbon monoxide is known as a silent killer. Symptoms include frequent headaches, flu-like symptoms, eye and nose irritation, disorientation, sleepiness and nausea. Since these are symptoms common to other diseases, one may not detect the problem right away.



Our Service Technician will inspect all parts of your furnace, especially the heat exchanger, for cracks, rust, corrosion, or holes. Needless to say, if the heat exchanger is cracked, it needs to be replaced immediately. And since we don’t sell or install heat exchangers, there is no incentive for us to recommend a replacement unless it’s necessary.


So, for your peace of mind, contact us today at 303-351-5565 or you may click here on Request Service to schedule a furnace certification. We’ll give you an accurate report on the condition of your furnace and clean it as well.

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