Give us a call and we will quickly repair your home furnace without spending too much money. We repair all home furnace makes and models throughout the Denver Front Range at the same low price.

We try to be different than other home furnace repair companies. Not only do we do exceptional work and provide top-notch parts, we also disclose all of our repair pricing upfront. This ensures that there are no surprises and that everyone is treated fairly.

Furnace Repair Pricing

All visits are charged a trip and diagnostic fee and the repair activity detailed below (if approved)$89.00
Activity Description
Level 1 Furnace Repair Examples:
Clean/Adjust: Blower, breaker, drain, drain line, ignition components, filter, evaporator coil, fins, pilot vent, thermostat. Repair/Replace/Install: Air flow switch, capacitor, drain line, filter media cartridge, flame sensor, Freon (1lb), glow coil, humidifier pad, pilot, thermocouple, basic thermostat$99.00
Level 2 Furnace Repairs Examples:
Repair/Replace/Install: Air balance, blower fan, breaker, clean complete ac, Clean complete furnace, condenser fan blade, contactors, disconnect box, control switch, drain pad, drain line, minor duct repair, flu repair, humidistat, universal igniter, relay, sequencers, shaft and bearings, start kit. timer, digital thermostat, UV light bulb, wiring$189
Level 3 Furnace Repairs Examples:
Repair/Replace/Install: Blower fan and pulleys, universal burners, secondary circuit, board, universal motor, defrost control board, gas valve, heat strip, OEM igniter, electronic programmable, thermostat, furnace rewire.$365
Level 4 Furnace Repairs Examples:
Repair/Replace/Install: OEM motor, OEM burners, primary circuti board, in-warranty compressor, major duct repair, in-warranty evaporator coil, control valve, pump, refrigerant leak search and repair, refrigerant recovery and recharge, suction line dryer.$490
Level 5 Furnace Repairs Examples:
Repair/Replace/Install: In-warranty compressor coil, relocate condensing unit, flue, in-warranty heat exchanger, reversing valve, suction accumulator, main circulating pump.$890

We will repair your home furnace and ensure it is running at optimal strength for the foreseeable future. Sometimes it is difficult to put a price on peace of mind.