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Furnace Cleaning

What’s the harm in a dirty furnace?

A dirty furnace will not perform well and can be unsafe to operate. Furthermore, it can fail prematurely.

How often should a furnace be cleaned?

The furnace filter is your first line of defense in keeping your furnace clean. It protects the furnace from the dirt and dust in the air. Unfortunately, the filter does not do a perfect job. Unwanted elements do get around it.

The frequency dependents on how quickly it gets dirty. There are a litany of things that can accelerate how quickly the dirt collects on your filter and in your furnace. These include the number of people living in the home, pets, furnace usage, and the amount of dust in the environment. We highly recommend a filter replacement every one to three months and a furnace cleaning every two years.

Our cleaning process includes the following:

  • Remove and clean the main blower motor
  • Remove and clean the blower wheel
  • Clean all burners
  • Clean the flame sensor
  • Blow out the inducer fan motor
  • Check and adjust the gas pressure for optimal efficiency.
  • Review and adjust thermostat settings to better meet a customer’s objective
  • Check all safety switches
  • Check for gas and CO leaks

Give us a call at 303-351-5565 or email us at Service@SageQualitySolutions.com today. We can help keep your furnace clean and running at optimal strength for the foreseeable future. Sometimes it is difficult to put a price on peace of mind.

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